Welder Production

Waukesha, WI 53187

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Position Description

At Alloy, we are always looking for passionate, motivated and proactive individuals to become a part of our winning team. We value people who are self-starters and problem solvers, love to work in culturally diverse teams, and are eager to learn and grow in a dynamic, fast-paced work environment.

We currently have an opening for Welder Production.

FUNCTION: Weld all products and assist Class 04 Welders as directed. Perform shop assistance tasks as directed by Supervisor and required by workload.

1. Receives instructions from Supervisor
2. Selects job from work rack by due date
3. Reads routing for operation instruction and checks for completion of previous operations
4. Tack and/or weld operations require operator to select and adjust proper fixture or holding device as required, using machine controls and/or proper hand tools, as directed on unfamiliar work and unassisted on familiar work
5. Tacks and/or welds using automatic or manual process, with part mounted to lathe or turntable, or positioned on table
6. Required to determine proper tack spacing in tack operation
7. Required to determine proper arc clearance and angle, power source current, gas flow, travel speeds and wire or rod requirements as necessary in all processes
8. Must align heads to seam in automatic processes
9. Makes fixtures as instructed
10. Repairs poor fit by adding filler material as necessary
11. Uses cranes or hoists as required
12. Must maintain certifiable welding skills necessary to meet industry and company welding processes and procedures, as directed on unfamiliar work and unassisted on familiar work
13. Inspects welds and parts as required
14. Provide instruction to Class 04 Welders as directed
15. Maintain a neat and orderly workstation at all times
16. Perform all tasks in a safe manner and follow established rules of conduct
17. Other duties as assigned.

• High school diploma or equivalent

Type: Full-time